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Karna Group was founded in 1997 in Western Ukraine in the city of Ivano-Frankovsk. Initially, the musicians positioned themselves as a band playing Ukrainian alternative to new metal. After some time, they began to call their genre "hutsul metal".

The group released their first album entitled "Letimo" in 2003. The band made a great contribution to music, proving to everyone that heavy neo-metal can be played beautifully and melodiously.

The guys rehearse for a long time, give systematic concerts, participate in festivals and continue to develop. Seven years later, in 2010, Karna publishes the second collection called KARNA. This record thrilled its fans and inspired thousands of fans. The success of the album has reached such a level that it entered the TOP-100 collections of the times of Ukrainian independence, according to the musical edition "Karabas Live". The performers are very popular, the busy schedule of concerts and rehearsals does not leave them a free minute.

In September 2010, the band's guitarist Yarun Vladislav publicly announced the termination of the band's musical activities. Officially they were no longer there, but the former members of the group decided to recreate the project and name it "ExKarna". The line-up remains the same, with the exception of guitarist Yarun Vladislav. In his place, the guys take on the equally talented musician Andrei Demyanov. In the fall of 2011, the participants change again. Only the vocalist Alexey Yarosh remains from the whole team. They decided to rename the newly recruited band to Mol'fa.

The musicians are not doing very well, there are few concerts, rehearsals are extremely rare. And only in 2013, the guys renew their strength and continue to play, having decided on the concept of the "Gutsul-metal" style. The new team includes musicians who previously played in the group at different periods of its existence. A new vocalist from the "N.Tree" collective is added - Oleksey Shmaneva.

In 2017, the long-awaited third album with the ethnic name "Hutsul Metal" is released. The musicians worked hard on the project, after which they began to be invited to perform abroad. The guys gave a concert at the Rock-Vybukh festival, which is quite difficult for beginning groups to get to. With its new program, the collective receives a diploma of the finalists of the qualifying festival "Chervona Ruta" and the Grand Prix "Taras Bulba".

By the end of June 2014, the band's first single with a new line-up, "My blood for you, " was released. On the basis of this material, a video clip for the song "Little" 2016 is being shot, followed by "Party on Prykarpatti" 2017. The director of both clips is Viktor Skuratovsky.

The guys are still popular and continue to delight their fans.